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Stone Soup Kitchen

At First Presbyterian Church.

Want to shake those seasonal doldrums? Free food and entertainment might just do that!

First Presbyterian Church is hosting its fifth annual Stone Soup Kitchen. This free supper is open to all and will be held the first three Tuesdays in February, 5-7 p.m.

There is no hidden agenda, obligation or program. It is designed for people to enjoy each other's company and beat the winter blues.

Volunteers have been lined up from the congregation and community. The church has also had a generous response from Galena's musical community for the entertainment.

At least three different soups will be on the menu, including a vegan option. Breads, beverages and desserts will also be served. No one is required to bring anything, although if anyone would like to volunteer call (815) 777-0229.

The name "Stone Soup Kitchen" comes from an old folk tale in which a stranger arrives in town with a cooking pot, which he fills with water from a local stream and then adds a stone to it. When the local people ask him what he's doing, he tells them that he is making stone soup. It was a time of famine, so the townspeople are definitely interested in hearing how you could make soup with merely a stone.

Gradually he convinces each bystander to go home to add a small ingredient such as carrots or seasoning to add a little touch of flavoring until the imaginary stone soup becomes a genuinely delicious meal, created through the communty's sharing of their previously hidden resources. The end result was a true community building event.

The underlying philosophy for this Stone Soup Kitchen is the same.

Those attending should use the basement entrance.

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Please join us:

Stone Soup Kitchen

    First 3 Tuesdays in February

    5-7 p.m.
    First Presbyterian Church basement

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