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International Missions


Blackhawk Presbytery in northern Illinois entered into a partnership with the Imenti Presbytery in central Kenya some time ago. Because of that partnership, a group of Kenyans was invited to visit Blackhawk in May 2002. Their goal was to visit churches and establish one-on-one relationships with various individuals. We had the great blessing of hosting two members of that group: Elias Mukindia, treasurer of the Imenti Presbytery, and Francis Kihiko, Coordinating Director for the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (a three-nation umbrella organization for Presbyterians living in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda). We learned a great deal about their country, shared many laughs and good stories and made life-long friends during that visit. After they returned home, we continued the relationship by raising money for the Linus Waruiru Day Care Centre for orphans in Meru and by helping to set a young woman up in business so that she could support her siblings after both of the family's parents died.


We support the ministry of Chenoa Stock and her husband José

Photos of the teachers and administrative committee in charge of the Linus Waruiru Day Care Centre in Kanyakine,, Kenya, as well as photos of our Kenyan guests in 2002. Click on the arrows on the left and right sides of each photo to switch from one to another. 

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