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Mission Giving Guidelines

Members of the First Presbyterian Church believe it is our duty to support charitable needs both locally and worldwide. By helping people and connecting with our communities, through our Christian faith, we help nurture and grow a better, stronger tomorrow.


First Presbyterian Church of Galena contributes to a wide range of programs aimed at improving the quality of community life on a local, regional, national and international level.

Primary consideration will be given to those projects and organizations that address community needs, such as services to individuals in need of basic necessities, affordable housing and programs that follow the theological beliefs of the First Presbyterian Church. At least 50% of the organizations to which we give are church-related or faith-based.

Restrictions and Limitations

The Mission & Stewardship Program of the First Presbyterian Church does not provide funding for:

  • Contributions to individuals not involved in an organized activity sponsored by an eligible organization, except through our Cup of Cold Water program

  • Ads in programs, door prizes, raffle tickets, dinner tables, golf outings or sponsorships of organized sports teams or activities

  • Fraternal or social clubs

  • Endowments

  • Registration or participation fees for individuals or teams for fundraising events, e.g., walk-a-thons, runs, or tournaments

  • Magazines or professional journal articles

Contributions made in one year do not necessarily guarantee future funding.

The church appreciates updates on progress made by organizations or individuals that benefit from our support, including newsletters, annual reports and other periodic mailings.

For Further Information
Contact the First Presbyterian Church of Galena at (815) 777-0229.


Revised January, 2003

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